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Tag: dj

Mix: Balance Series: Firesnake

2013's musical output has been pretty strong across the board with lots of new forms and interpretations of themes re/surfacing, so it's no surprise to hear classic rave sounds bubbling back up into the æther. Altern8 are one of the yearly contenders to try smash the X-Factor out of the Christmas No.1 slot, Slipmatt is making an appearance at the O2 as part of The Prodigy's NYE celebrations, whilst Disclosure continue their meteoric rise with Nile Rodgers joining them to help spread classic house vibes into 2014. So with is mind I created this dj mix 'Dark FM', which I'm delighted to say was chosen…

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Firesnake – ‘Path Of Souls’ Mix Collection

    Over a decade of Path Of Souls mixes so far: Classic & rare ambient, progressive, electronic music for those that want to go deeeep. 11 years old and 7 mixes in and after a short hiatus (due to a smelly, loud human being entering the world), there are new mixes on the horizon. Next up is 'Arcadia' with a distinctly psychedelic sound, with tracks and snippets from The Orb, Richard Hawley, The Invisible, DJ Food and Den Kozlov. Following that will be a two-parter filled to the brim with magnetically-charged beats. The sounds on the first mix will be reflective of a gloriously English…

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