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The Hidden Sun

A Treasure Hunt Book

Graphic Design
Problem Solving
Web Design

Kit William’s Masquerade in the late 1970’s was the first ‘armchair treasure hunt’ book; where readers find clues in order to track down real treasure somewhere in the UK. Since then there have been a handful more, leading intrepid and dedicated hunters down a rabbit hole of questions and possible answers.

The Hidden Sun takes the concept further – the readers have to actually locate permanent objects around the Banburyshire area, in order to piece together the final clue. The winner will receive an ornament of gold, silver and gems worth thousands of pounds. The aim is to take people on a journey of discovery around the rolling countryside, villages and towns of Banburyshire.

For the book Firesnake Design created detailed digital illustrations with accompanying verse, a mythical story and a central puzzle that holds the key to the treasure. It is a very complex process that involves much concentration, the fine checking of details and bringing together many intricate strands into a cohesive whole.