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Category: Technology

Tourismo – A 21st Century window into the past present and future

    This year I had the chance to present an idea for a tourism mobile app service, as a finalist in the Banbury Innovation Awards. Now in it's sixth year this award helps propel new start-ups and businesses that may need guidance with patents, legal and financial support. The award ceremony took place a week after the original Dragon's Den style presentation, in front of a panel of 5 established business leaders. I'm glad to say I got out alive without any fire-based incidents. In this day and age one can take an educated glimpse of what's going to happen in the future, but…

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Retro Corner: ‘The Amen Break’ – 6 seconds that changed music

There are limited instances in musical history, where a small snippet of sound has influenced a whole new genre of music. Roll on back to 1969 and place yourself in the seat of Gregory C Coleman - the drummer in the jazz group The Winstons. As the solo drum breakdown of the track 'Amen Brother' kicks in ...... for a fleeting six seconds, you're giving birth to a future movement that in 20 years time, will be known as 'dance music'. The 'Amen Break' has been created. The Mixcloud feature below is a BBC Radio 1Xtra documentary which fantastically describes the story of this legendary…

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London 2012 Olympic Torch Design

So the process has begun. Away from all the behind-the-scenes preparations and frantic building of stadia, the scene is set for the public to get involved in the UK's first Olympics for many years. The traditional countdown begins with the Olympic Torch being lit by the suns rays in Olympia, Greece before embarking on a journey around the world (these days it's less) passing the fire between torch bearers and finally into the cauldron of the Olympic stadium, months later. This torch then is the first focus, the first illumination of the games that will get worldwide coverage. Designers proudly compete to get the once…

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