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Category: History

Tourismo – A 21st Century window into the past present and future

    This year I had the chance to present an idea for a tourism mobile app service, as a finalist in the Banbury Innovation Awards. Now in it's sixth year this award helps propel new start-ups and businesses that may need guidance with patents, legal and financial support. The award ceremony took place a week after the original Dragon's Den style presentation, in front of a panel of 5 established business leaders. I'm glad to say I got out alive without any fire-based incidents. In this day and age one can take an educated glimpse of what's going to happen in the future, but…

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Retro Corner: ‘The Amen Break’ – 6 seconds that changed music

There are limited instances in musical history, where a small snippet of sound has influenced a whole new genre of music. Roll on back to 1969 and place yourself in the seat of Gregory C Coleman - the drummer in the jazz group The Winstons. As the solo drum breakdown of the track 'Amen Brother' kicks in ...... for a fleeting six seconds, you're giving birth to a future movement that in 20 years time, will be known as 'dance music'. The 'Amen Break' has been created. The Mixcloud feature below is a BBC Radio 1Xtra documentary which fantastically describes the story of this legendary…

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