Flawed Symmetry Of Prediction

Art? Check
Time-Lapse Photography? Check
Play on light? Check
Nature? Check
Dereliction? Check
Atmosphere? Check
Weird Sounds? Check
NASA? Check

So really I was always going to be drawn to this guys work; Jeff Frost, an artist who utilises all these skills in my latest big find.

I stumbled across his new work ‘Flawed Symmetry Of Prediction’ by way of book printers Blurb, who helped him present his style for an ebook showcase of theirs to help promote the young publishing format. It is a truly haunting and unique visual journey
While previously never thinking to use the technology to create such rich digital books, he set to work with Blurb CEO Eileen Gittens and her crew aiding in the creation, featuring an art centrepiece, stunning time-lapse video, photography and sounds sourced from planetary signals courtesy of NASA.

“Before I knew it I was visiting the Blurb offices in San Francisco to discuss the features of the format with their very capable staff. At the end of the book making process I was so exhausted and frazzled that the hobgoblins in my head were telling me it was a disaster, but after a good night’s sleep I sat down and experienced what I had created. I played the audio on each page and looked at the images and before I knew it I became lost in the experience. The world around me disappeared, my anxieties faded and I forgot that I was looking at a book.”

I actually first watched this while also listening to some deep and glitchy house, so the sounds merged as one and became a kind of double-soundtrack to the video. Shot around the American Southwest the time-lapse video sections are simply stunning, light spreading across structures from stars, moonlight, passing cars, an iPhone and even from what looks like the edge of a volcano. But it’s when Jeff combines this with his painstakingly created artwork that the book really takes off.
Check out the video below for the centrepiece, but I urge you to get the ebook anyway and read about how he set it all up.

You can grab your own copy for FREE from either Blurb or from iTunes.

Jeff spent a year travelling to the featured locations and spent some good $$$s getting this project out into the world for free, but; “It costs whatever you want it to cost. If you love it please check out the donation page in the back of the book, but please don’t be shy about passing it around to whomever you’d like.” “Please send PayPal donations to jeff@jeff-frost.com”

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction from Jeff Frost on Vimeo.

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