What women would do for handbags…
But what would women do for rucksacks? Those crusty and more often than not smelly articles of backwear, that conjour up long wet walks in the hills and a slightly leaky flask of weak lemon drink, have a bit of an image problem, especially with the ladies.

So enter stage left RUXX, a small luxury bag company run by award winning photographer and fashion expert Sarah Ward-Hendry, based in Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire, England…not Italy. That’s something that really matters for Sarah, who has built her reputation on the strength of keeping the business closer to home rather than farming it out to the leather merchants of Italy (obviously the handbag capital of the world). An ethical and honest approach to RUXX makes the owning of one of her bags that little bit sweeter, forgoing the sweatshops and cheap labour and instead bringing the hard work back to Britain and adding a lot of love into each little gem of a bag.

So are these bags handbags or are they rucksacks? Well they’re both; the style, materials & desirability of high end handbags are kept at an equal balance with the strength, durability and practicality of a rucksack, something that has yet to be done with such panache and dedication. Sarah travels the world to find the finest leathers and sheep / lamb furs, with the most recent pattern cutting technology and the funkiest colours, before meticulously creating each bag design.

“We also respect the fact that all our leathers have had a previous life and through careful and uncompromising use, we hope that it’s reincarnation should be a happy one.”

So now you can own a bag that can look the part in the city, at the office, at functions or just out and about at the park with your kids. Whatever you need to do, you can bring your bag along for the ride. The rucksacks are reinforced for strength and also have the following features: a shock absorbent base and nickel plated feet for your delicate itmes, magnetic closing pads, inner and outer theft-resistant pockets, adjustable straps, inner pen and phone pockets and an illuminating silver-look lining.
There are two sizes; standard and large meaning you can bring all your paperwork, gadgets and accessories with you for day to day use.

A new range has just launched for ‘Drawstring Bags’ that keep the size down but are equally as elegant, great for parties and when you’re running light. There are also mini zipped purses or make-up bags made from the off-cuts of leather used for the main bags, again making use of all the material available. A limited edition of 100 bags are available to celebrate the launch of RUXX, so grab one while you still can!

Check the excellent RUXX site out for further info and to see the full range.
I’m confident RUXX bags will be must-have item the coming years, show them your support and let classic British design take centre stage again.