Over a decade of Path Of Souls mixes so far: Classic & rare ambient, progressive, electronic music for those that want to go deeeep.

11 years old and 7 mixes in and after a short hiatus (due to a smelly, loud human being entering the world), there are new mixes on the horizon.
Next up is ‘Arcadia’ with a distinctly psychedelic sound, with tracks and snippets from The Orb, Richard Hawley, The Invisible, DJ Food and Den Kozlov.

Following that will be a two-parter filled to the brim with magnetically-charged beats. The sounds on the first mix will be reflective of a gloriously English countryside in the summer, with a dark and trippy undercurrent of electricity and otherworldliness, with the second mix turning even deeper and darker…..what else would you expect! Some of the sounds on offer come from Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Pantha Du Prince, Speedy J, Sian and The Black Dog.

These mixes are for the adventurous and include serious elements of lush ambient, harsh breakbeats, ethnic chanting and haunting (and actually quite scary) sounds like you will have never heard before.

Also in 2013 expect to see a small series of hand-finished limited edition prints featuring new Path Of Souls artwork.

For the uninitiated, here’s the ‘Path Of Souls Sampler’; a taster of what it’s all about. Listen to or download this for free and get yourself aquainted with the Path of Souls vibe.
This 40 minute mini-mix features excerpts from mix Parts 1-7 with tracks from Leftfield, Future Sound Of London, Amon Tobin, Throbbing Gristle, L.S.G. and The Orb among many others.

For tracklistings and more information on the series, or to download the mixes in full, visit the Path Of Souls website.

Path Of Souls Sampler by Firesnake