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Tag: design

Design in the Music Industry

With the sad passing of legendary Hipgnosis designer Storm Thorgerson, we can use this moment to take stock of design's broader health within the music industry. Music and art go together hand in hand dancing through the decades, centuries even, sometimes being so intrinsic to one another that the results help spawn new genres and defining moments in pop culture at large. Presently there is a debate about just how influential or indeed important artwork and packaging is to the music industry, in an age of instant digital consumption and dwindling record label budgets.  I wrote my design degree dissertation on the role of design…

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Here at Firesnake I've been planning a new update for a while and you are viewing new fruits from a lot of labour right here. Together with various online partners and contributors, I'll bring you fresh news about the global creative sphere every week, mixing new and unique sights, sounds and viewpoints for you to experience. It's a hub for creative people to drop by every week and get news, reviews, free music, event listings, design articles and much more. There'll be updates on global design, music & culture, street style and fashion, with profiles on upcoming creative talent. There's even the Retro Corner section…

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