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Category: Video & Interactive Media

Discover : Jeff Frost

Art? Check Time-Lapse Photography? Check Play on light? Check Nature? Check Dereliction? Check Atmosphere? Check Weird Sounds? Check NASA? Check So really I was always going to be drawn to this guys work; Jeff Frost, an artist who utilises all these skills in my latest big find. I stumbled across his new work 'Flawed Symmetry Of Prediction' by way of book printers Blurb, who helped him present his style for an ebook showcase of theirs to help promote the young publishing format. It is a truly haunting and unique visual journey While previously never thinking to use the technology to create such rich digital books,…

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Tourismo – A 21st Century window into the past present and future

    This year I had the chance to present an idea for a tourism mobile app service, as a finalist in the Banbury Innovation Awards. Now in it's sixth year this award helps propel new start-ups and businesses that may need guidance with patents, legal and financial support. The award ceremony took place a week after the original Dragon's Den style presentation, in front of a panel of 5 established business leaders. I'm glad to say I got out alive without any fire-based incidents. In this day and age one can take an educated glimpse of what's going to happen in the future, but…

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Movie Barcode

Whoever came up with this idea is a person after my own heart; taking something otherwise complex and multi-layered, and literally laying it out bare, for all to see visually. Basically the people behind Movie Barcode have dissected the best and most interesting movies of all time and stitched a slice of each individual frame together, side by side, to show the film's inner visual soul. Early cinema is included, with silents and black & whites right next to the latest blockbusters like Inception or Black Swan. You can also purchase prints of these depictions which I'd say make a great gift for passionate film…

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