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Category: Products

Discover: ‘RUXX’ Designer British Handbags & Rucksacks

What women would do for handbags... But what would women do for rucksacks? Those crusty and more often than not smelly articles of backwear, that conjour up long wet walks in the hills and a slightly leaky flask of weak lemon drink, have a bit of an image problem, especially with the ladies. So enter stage left RUXX, a small luxury bag company run by award winning photographer and fashion expert Sarah Ward-Hendry, based in Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire, England...not Italy. That's something that really matters for Sarah, who has built her reputation on the strength of keeping the business closer to home rather than farming…

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Movie Barcode

Whoever came up with this idea is a person after my own heart; taking something otherwise complex and multi-layered, and literally laying it out bare, for all to see visually. Basically the people behind Movie Barcode have dissected the best and most interesting movies of all time and stitched a slice of each individual frame together, side by side, to show the film's inner visual soul. Early cinema is included, with silents and black & whites right next to the latest blockbusters like Inception or Black Swan. You can also purchase prints of these depictions which I'd say make a great gift for passionate film…

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Firesnake: The Great Royal Breakfast

  The latest Firesnake project to be launched is The Great Royal Breakfast, a luxury food & drink hamper service that features purely 'Royal Warrant' products. Royal Warrants are given to products or producers that supply the Royal household due to their excellent quality and production methods. Anyone the world over can order a selection of gourmet hampers from The Great Royal Breakfast website, and experience the unique and delectable tastes of the finest style. Firesnake has previously helped arrange and supply goods for a wedding that took place at St Paul's Cathedral, the awe-inspiring setting for the marriage of Charles, Prince of Wales and…

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