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Category: Product Design

Design in the Music Industry

With the sad passing of legendary Hipgnosis designer Storm Thorgerson, we can use this moment to take stock of design's broader health within the music industry. Music and art go together hand in hand dancing through the decades, centuries even, sometimes being so intrinsic to one another that the results help spawn new genres and defining moments in pop culture at large. Presently there is a debate about just how influential or indeed important artwork and packaging is to the music industry, in an age of instant digital consumption and dwindling record label budgets.  I wrote my design degree dissertation on the role of design…

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Discover: ‘RUXX’ Designer British Handbags & Rucksacks

What women would do for handbags... But what would women do for rucksacks? Those crusty and more often than not smelly articles of backwear, that conjour up long wet walks in the hills and a slightly leaky flask of weak lemon drink, have a bit of an image problem, especially with the ladies. So enter stage left RUXX, a small luxury bag company run by award winning photographer and fashion expert Sarah Ward-Hendry, based in Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire, England...not Italy. That's something that really matters for Sarah, who has built her reputation on the strength of keeping the business closer to home rather than farming…

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2012 Olympic Torch

London 2012 Olympic Torch Design

So the process has begun. Away from all the behind-the-scenes preparations and frantic building of stadia, the scene is set for the public to get involved in the UK's first Olympics for many years. The traditional countdown begins with the Olympic Torch being lit by the suns rays in Olympia, Greece before embarking on a journey around the world (these days it's less) passing the fire between torch bearers and finally into the cauldron of the Olympic stadium, months later. This torch then is the first focus, the first illumination of the games that will get worldwide coverage. Designers proudly compete to get the once…

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