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Category: Photography

Flawed Symmetry Of Prediction

Discover : Jeff Frost

Art? Check Time-Lapse Photography? Check Play on light? Check Nature? Check Dereliction? Check Atmosphere? Check Weird Sounds? Check NASA? Check So really I was always going to be drawn to this guys work; Jeff Frost, an artist who utilises all these skills in my latest big find. I stumbled across his new work 'Flawed Symmetry Of Prediction' by way of book printers Blurb, who helped him present his style for an ebook showcase of theirs to help promote the young publishing format. It is a truly haunting and unique visual journey While previously never thinking to use the technology to create such rich digital books,…

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Discover: ‘RUXX’ Designer British Handbags & Rucksacks

What women would do for handbags... But what would women do for rucksacks? Those crusty and more often than not smelly articles of backwear, that conjour up long wet walks in the hills and a slightly leaky flask of weak lemon drink, have a bit of an image problem, especially with the ladies. So enter stage left RUXX, a small luxury bag company run by award winning photographer and fashion expert Sarah Ward-Hendry, based in Northamptonshire & Oxfordshire, England...not Italy. That's something that really matters for Sarah, who has built her reputation on the strength of keeping the business closer to home rather than farming…

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