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Category: Music

Design in the Music Industry

With the sad passing of legendary Hipgnosis designer Storm Thorgerson, we can use this moment to take stock of design's broader health within the music industry. Music and art go together hand in hand dancing through the decades, centuries even, sometimes being so intrinsic to one another that the results help spawn new genres and defining moments in pop culture at large. Presently there is a debate about just how influential or indeed important artwork and packaging is to the music industry, in an age of instant digital consumption and dwindling record label budgets.  I wrote my design degree dissertation on the role of design…

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Retro Corner: ‘The Amen Break’ – 6 seconds that changed music

There are limited instances in musical history, where a small snippet of sound has influenced a whole new genre of music. Roll on back to 1969 and place yourself in the seat of Gregory C Coleman - the drummer in the jazz group The Winstons. As the solo drum breakdown of the track 'Amen Brother' kicks in ...... for a fleeting six seconds, you're giving birth to a future movement that in 20 years time, will be known as 'dance music'. The 'Amen Break' has been created. The Mixcloud feature below is a BBC Radio 1Xtra documentary which fantastically describes the story of this legendary…

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Firesnake – ‘Path Of Souls’ Mix Collection

    Over a decade of Path Of Souls mixes so far: Classic & rare ambient, progressive, electronic music for those that want to go deeeep. 11 years old and 7 mixes in and after a short hiatus (due to a smelly, loud human being entering the world), there are new mixes on the horizon. Next up is 'Arcadia' with a distinctly psychedelic sound, with tracks and snippets from The Orb, Richard Hawley, The Invisible, DJ Food and Den Kozlov. Following that will be a two-parter filled to the brim with magnetically-charged beats. The sounds on the first mix will be reflective of a gloriously English…

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