Work: Back To School Magazine


Firesnake Studio recently rebranded ‘Back To School Magazine’; the UK’s no.1 parents’ guide to getting the best out of primary school.

The free digital-only magazine caters to parents of children from ages 5 to 11, with advice on curriculum matters, exams, uniform, nutrition, bullying and pretty much every situation that a child or parent can go through at this precious time.

The rebranding involved updating the logo to a less formal and more playful, simplified look. The colour palette also changed to less harsh pastel colours bringing more harmonious combinations throughout each spread and the issues as a whole. Their website was also overhauled along with social media sites and integration with Apple App Store for offline downloads.

Recent cover stars have been chef Jamie Oliver, ‘Super Nanny’ Jo Frost and maths whiz Carol Vorderman.

The design brief includes the creation of bespoke animated pages, including optimised video and creating tailored ads for their advertising partners. These range from independent companies such as Barracudas, DC Thompson and iRobot – to big players like Disney, Sky, Kellogg and Hilton Hotels.

Back To School Magazine