Discover: Todd McLellan – Disassembly

Production stop motion of the sets behind Things Come Apart from Todd McLellan Motion/Stills Inc. on Vimeo.

Todd McLellan likes to mess with things.
He likes nothing better than to get a big fat screwdriver and make something that was once complete and powerful into a naked and shameful puddle of it’s own parts. I like him for that.

An update of an original series that I featured in 2011, Todd has now added more ordered mess, as he describes;
“Things Come Apart is an expansion of the original Disassembly Series. This new set of images explores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday lives.”

When I first saw this work I was immediately reminded of my old friend Rory McClelland, who in the 80s liked to tear up a BetaMax player just to see how it worked, leaving me to burn capacitors with a magnifying glass in the school yard. A sense of chaos and yet order at the same time, which kind of sums up my approach to being creative.

Todd McLellan spent 3 days taking apart old electrical items such as an old camera, phone and alarm clock for his project Disassembly. His site features a time-lapse video showing the process of deconstruction before painstakingly displaying each part out for the camera.
He’ll then drop some items from height and shoot away as the parts fall away from each other.

I’d happily display any of these pieces as a print on my wall, the work is really more than a sum of it’s parts.

The book “Things Come Apart” published by Thames & Hudson will be available May.


Todd McLellan-Cutter


Todd McLellan-Toaster