Path of Souls Mix Collection Part 8


The journey continues into Arcadia; said to be man’s rustic paradise on Earth, an otherworldly garden of exotic plants, architecture and symbolic secrecy looked over by the gods themselves. London has it’s own claim to an intended Arcadia based around the Thames area of Richmond, Kingston, Kew and Hampton Court (which is shown on the mix artwork).

The mix keeps all the usual Path of Souls elements of deep electronic grooves and unusual sounds that get into your mind. The ambient washes are cut to a minimum and in comes a natural tribal trance vibe that harks back to the early nineties. The mix builds from Synkro and Basti Grub’s bass-heavy ethnic musings into ethereal bells and beats courtesy of Pantha Du Prince and Chymera, before delving into old skool FSOL and Orbital. Then the trance takes you under; SCB’s Scuba remix and the amazing Gavid Duetta on LSD from Scarlet Ibis making sure the mind melts. It all ends with thumping low-slung techno courtesy of the masters The Black Dog.

Part 9 will be ready around Spring / Summer.