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“BOXPARK™ is not some run-of-the-mall shopping centre. It’s a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong: on the street. No high street retailers here – just select brands by invitation only to create a revolutionary mix. BOXPARK™ isn’t just where you shop, it’s what a real brand experience should be all about.” Roger Wade (Boxfresh creator and fashion brand consultant as Brands Incorporated).

East London has grown over the past 10 years to become a real mecca for street-level creativity, so it’s no suprise that with this mass migration comes a commercial presence in the form of a new shopping mall. Boxpark is a pop-up development that can house around 40 units for retail and also have first floor space for cafes and recreation. But where most retail conglomerates and site owners would demand a standard take on your shopping experience, brand consultant Roger Wade has teamed up with developers Hammerson and Ballymore to create Boxpark.

Boxpark’s USP is twofold; 1. the temporary building is formed from interlocking and adaptable shipping containers, and 2. that all retailers are part of the independent and creative culture that permeates the Shoreditch area, all signing up for 1 or 5 year leases. The site is built on temporary space at Bishopsgate goodsyard, close to where the Olympics will grace the English capital in 2012 so will naturally gather huge footfall and exposure during the coming years.

“I was always fascinated by shipping containers – The idea of Boxpark was a fusion of many personal ideas over time. I wanted to create something on a grand scale by using shipping containers and offer retailers short leases, versatility and cost-effective retailing that made sense – the antithesis of the out of town shopping mall. And at the same time a place where the kids could just hang out and have fun…” Roger Wade.

Building stores from huge, creaking shipping containers isn’t anything new. German retailer Freitag built a towering store to house their unique range of lorry-skirting-based bags in Berlin, while London has Trinity Buoy Wharf which provides incubating space for small businesses, aswell as the Shoreditch based creative community Village Underground  which also uses old London Underground train carriages to form studios.

Check this official video to get the comprehensive lowdown on Boxpark and get a flavour of Shoreditch with it’s rich and diverse cultural atmosphere.

BOX PARK 08/2011 from Roger Wade on Vimeo.

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