MP3 Takeaway: Class Actress – Keep You

Class Actress is sultry Brooklynite Elizabeth Harper with Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson, who bring you melancholic electro numbers that lodge in your mind.
The songs are an indulgent return to those introspective 80s pop gems from UK groups such as Soft Cell, Joy Division and The Cure; songs about unrequited love and someone making their way through life.

The tracks are infectious rather than plodding or gushy (usually the staple vibe of shoegazing unworthyness), so it’s with relief that the tone is set with off-kilter synthy chords that straddle the 80s / 10s retro style rather well. Some tracks from last year’s ‘Journal of Ardency’ EP even sound like first album era Madonna with the simple hi-hats and Casio synth lines that get the groove going- ‘Someone Real’ being the standout track for me, verging into hypnotic trance like a mash-up of Donna Summer and Boards Of Canada….yes really.

This track reminds me of PJ Harvey’s latest excursions; strong female vocals with upbeat flourishes coupled with deep synth lines that do the job.

Look out for the forthcoming album ‘Rapprocher’ out on 18th October.