Red Bull ‘Street Art View’

Along with all the upcoming street art to be featured here at, this handy site will point you in the right direction for some more, wherever you might be; Red Bull Street Art View.

Google powers this system bringing you a world map with markers broken down into colour coded regions, getting more defined as you go deeper into the map. As the name suggest it takes you right to the heart of the art with Google’s Street View technology. The one problem with this way of showing the art is that it is all based on one snapshot of time, when the Google car happened to pass that street. An addition to be able to add self-contained markers with user added content, would undoubtedly make this the best live documentation for this art form, although I would also welcome an option to download KML files to help keep the info in the public domain, in case of shutdown.

It’s all too easy for an amazing piece to get criminally thrown up one day, criminally taken down the next so let’s explore what we’ve got here on Google’s mammoth database and add it to the mix. The listings are heading towards the 6k mark, lets hope the contributors keep on top of discoveries.

There’s option to call up random pieces from anywhere on the planet, or to view the latest additions. There’s big representation from the obvious scenes; Europe, Brazil, L.A. & East Coast US with smatterings from South Africa, the Pacific Rim and Canada.
I say get on it- what better way to trawl through unknown streets, get to know some fresh paint and bring it to the world’s eyes.

Here’s an example of some graffiti from the 90’s in my hometown… and another piece found in Honolulu, Hawaii…. and Banksy in Camden, London.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I stumble upon something new for your eyeballs.