Discover: ‘Serge DeNimes’ Clothing

Serge DeNimes Packaging

Live the Dream.
Fresh out of the packet today- the new website / store for new tee-shirt company called Serge DeNime.

Originally set-up by Ollie Proudlock – an artist with a love for fashion, Serge DeNimes has small but perfectly formed team which also includes Tom Gamborg and Libby Robok.
You’d expect to hear the name ‘Serge DeNimes’ crop up more often considering it is the original way of describing what is now called ‘denim’. Nîmes is a beautiful city in the South of France and was home to a manufacturing trade using a material called ‘serge’, leading to the trade name of serge de Nîmes, later shortened to denim.

Brazil. What do you think of when you think of Brazil? Surely beaches, beautiful people, history, sun, parties and of course the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. All these things and the connotations that surround them have been lovingly condensed into a classy boutique clothing outlet, that by the looks of things has a great future.

The first collection kicks off with this Brazilian theme, featuring photography taken by Ollie’s mother Lena Proudlock in Rio 1978;
“One of the three best things I have ever done in my life is visit Rio 3 years running (1975, ’76 and ’77) and for 4 days non stop I took endless pictures from morning till the following morning … click, click click! Hence the book ‘Carnival in Rio’ published by Hawthorn Book Inc, in New York was published in 1978.”

On visiting Brazil itself (check out the great photoshoots below), the team payed a special visit to one of the many sprawling Favelas (poor shanty towns built in and around the city) called Barrier Vasco, and helped see for themselves some positive action taken by the Association of Residents of Barrier Vasco. This non-government funded group help the community with projects and activities that help teach essential skills and will in benefit the area for the next generation. For more, please watch the video at the bottom of this feature.
In light of this, Serge DeNime are proudly contributing 5% of all profits from the Carnival in Rio ’78 tees.

Each unisex tee is individually dyed and screenprinted on soft cotton, with the stunning and evocative photography taking centre stage. Today too many tees are getting the generic logo or grunge effect treatment but this selection gives it straight, hard edged and in your face.

Serge DeNime, living the dream, really could define the look of this summer. Here’s hoping they do!

India wears Serge DeNime

TheMajor wears Serge DeNime

Holly and Emily wears Serge DeNime

Noah wears Serge DeNime

Beach girls wears Serge DeNime


Associação de Moradores da Barreira do Vasco from iko poran on Vimeo.