Whoever came up with this idea is a person after my own heart; taking something otherwise complex and multi-layered, and literally laying it out bare, for all to see visually.

Basically the people behind Movie Barcode have dissected the best and most interesting movies of all time and stitched a slice of each individual frame together, side by side, to show the film’s inner visual soul.

Early cinema is included, with silents and black & whites right next to the latest blockbusters like Inception or Black Swan. You can also purchase prints of these depictions which I’d say make a great gift for passionate film fans.

So I can present here a handful of entries… and additions seem to be ongoing – a whole universe of film to dissect and discover…

Singin In The Rain

The Godfather

2001 – A Space Odyssey



Total Recall


The Fountain

The Matrix

The Wizard Of Oz