Discover: Igor Chak

Just came across this guy from California by way of Vladivostok and Japan; Igor Chak, a budding industrial designer with a handful of very impressive designs already under his belt.

His background info suggest that from the get-go he seemed to be one of those kid’s that could put their hand to anything creative and adapt to new ways of thinking. Being inquisitive he soon started toying with machines and products to see how they worked, before attempting to make them better. I imagine being in Tokyo you’d be swamped with ideas almost daily- such a unique place to gain insights into the modern world. But it is California, Seattle infact that gave him the opportunities to do what comes so naturally as he signed onto the Art Institute of Seattle, majoring in Industrial design, studying design, art and model making which lead to a job at Nokia.

The ‘Retro Alien’ seat above, is quite clearly inspired by Space Invaders and so it should be, as it’s designed as a gamer’s geeky wish thing. The final product which is now for sale does away with the brittle looking antennae and increases width for those all important multi-player battles. This would be a great item from which to build your own custom gaming hub perhaps with integrated buttons, switches and wi-fi enabled gizmos, or as a straight forward gift for the city urbanite who likes to put on a party or two. Check out the store to see what Igor has to offer- I’m sure there’ll be additions to this further down the line.

The concept designs at feature a Honda motorbike concept, a modular watch and the above Retro Alien seat. Here’s some slick videos to go with it- good music aswell (musician unknown). Top man.