Sounds from beyond the groove

Any plans for what your going to do after you die? No? Well some geniuses going by the name of ‘And Vinyly‘ have come up with some packages to help you turn your ashes into playable 12″ records.
That’s right, you could live on literally as your favourite tune. Sounds beyond the groove indeed, with all the lovely pops and crackles vinyl lovers appreciate so much, you can rest (in peace) assured that your helping those sounds take on a richer, almost ‘live’ sound.

How about just body parts, they can do that too…but at the same cost as a full body, you might as well go all-in and turn yourself into an epic house anthem with 5 minute breakdown. For the more serious and perhaps sombre minded, you can ask to have a speech pressed into the vinyl, which would make reading out your will a lot more fun (and edgy for the gathered family).
But all joking aside, what more perfect send-off is there for music lovers and vinyl junkies? You can also get your own portrait painted by British BP Portrait Award Winner, artist James Hague to be featured on the sleeve. Just be careful not to die before the sitting.

I must admit, pondering the ever approaching certainty of death is always something of a fear-tinged episode, kind of like the opposite to a guilty pleasure; rather than revelling in the moment you try to banish it from your mind for fear of bringing it all into action…….(maybe that’s just me then!).
….But there’s a certain poetry about surviving on as a sonically-grooved disc, spinning endlessly forward (and backwards if your a hip-hop dj ;-), with words, music, even poetry itself emanating from your new, plastic body. Or how about going minimal and letting those dusty pops and crackles take the limelight on a soundtrack of infinite silence……..

Prices start at £3,000.