For those of you like me, who weren’t aware of it’s existence, I’ve featured here the animated short from the surrealist painter Salvador Dali and his friend, a Mr Walt Disney.

“In 1937, Salvador Dali wrote to his dear friend Andre Breton, founder of the surrealist art movement in Paris, and said, “I have come to America and I am in contact with three great American surrealists – the Marx Brothers, Cecil B. DeMille, and Walt Disney.” Breton envisioned Surrealism as an art form that would draw its content from the unexplored realm of the subconscious human mind, ferreting out unparalleled honesty and otherworldly images that would turn the world’s concept of art on its head. In such total abandon, Breton and others believed the world would find absolute freedom.” (Taken from the Disney Fine Art site where you can find further information on the making of this film).

Words can only do so much so sit back and enjoy this merging of two great, legendary talents.