Events: Daydreaming with…

You’ll know James Lavelle as key instigator and knob twiddler for the group Unkle, his DJ’ing and clothing exploits among others, but with ‘Daydreaming with…’ he turns high profile exhibition curator.

With two events under his belt you can expect to see this run and run as a mainstay across London and hopefully farther afield. The first event at the Haunch of Venison gallery was a resounding success, bringing together the talented likes of Jonathan Glazer, Futura 2000, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

The second event ‘Daydreaming with… St Michael’s’ just finished, this time moving the experience to someplace more intimate. This time, in conjunction with Gaymers Camden Crawl, collaborators were Doug Foster and Simon Fisher Turner, bringing the very best out of the space left in the architecture’s medieval shadow. In fact there is no better place for the awesome video installation that was Doug Fosters’ The Heretics’ Gate which takes its inspiration from Dante’s Inferno. It would be a perfect match to an as-yet-made film based on my ‘Path of Souls‘ work!

The beauty of it all comes from the combination of the ethereal music and the dark, brooding shift of form from one hastily imagined face to the next. Each swirl of ‘fire’ like some kind of spirtual essence seamlessly morphs into new forms that rise from the meeting point of mirrored opposites. The water almost still, perhaps rippling, provides the depth and elemental allegory to the opposite fire-born shafts of light that rise up towards the church’s lofty arches. each of these are bisected down the middle to produce symmetrical patterns that perfectly suit the mood. The finished show produces a very hypnotising, poetic and even darkly awesome spectacle.

Watch the set-up then the finished film below:


Daydreaming with… St Michael’s from Daydreaming with… on Vimeo.


The Heretics’ Gate from Daydreaming with… on Vimeo.