Danny Rampling – A DJ’ing legend shares his knowledge

In the mists of time, back when lasers ruled the skies, a motley band of DJs came forth with a new tool; that of dance. In those heady and free days in an age known as Acid House (c1980s) one man came forward holding the tools to a better future. That man was Danny Rampling.

Now, I have written two dissertations on the rise of club culture and on both occasions, the crux of the story centered around the legendary trips to Ibiza made by Rampling, Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway, Ian St Paul, Johnny Walker & Trevor Fung, who brought back with them via Balearic, the seeds of Acid House and dance music culture as we know it today. I fondly remember the days of BBC Radio1’s ‘Love Groove Dance Party’ getting people ready for the weekend, then later on seeing him play legendary sets at Renaissance in Ibiza’s Privilege and sets at Bed in Sheffield around 2000-2001. That man knows how to make you shuffle!

Rampling is actually a humble man in stark contrast to some big names we’ve seen along the years, but his professional approach to music, DJ’ing and club promoting is second to non. He’s been there, seen it, done it, done it again. So his latest output now that he has retired from the wheels of steel (the first large profile DJ to officially do so), is to help the next generation of dance music entrepreneurs get their teeth cut, with a guide to EVERYTHING you need to know about the business.

His book ‘The Essential Guide To DJ’ing is a 330 page tour de force of how to get ahead in clubland. Not just for DJ skills but also for self improvement, promoting, marketing and extras such as;

Top record lists from leading DJ’s in their genres

Top download sites and internet radio shows

Top agents & record shops,

Top duplication and pressing plants,

The best forums for insider insight and information

Magazine contacts

The world’s best internet coaches to help you propel your businesses

A professional DJ Contract Template

Invoice Templates

So, if you have a desire to make it and earn big from club culture, then this book is the most comprehensive & valuable guide available online. You’ll get free updates for life and there’s also a 60 day money back offer.

Check it out here