Event: Ian Anderson / The Designers Republic Exhibition


The work of influential but sadly now defunct design studio The Designers Republic, headed by Ian Anderson, is showcased in this exhibition in Croydon, London.

tDR were a huge influence for graphic designers, myself included, learning their trade throughout the 90s and 00s, mainly due to their interaction with various record labels, bands, clubs & events; Warp Records, Aphex Twin, Pop Will Eat Itself, Gatecrasher and Wipeout for Sony Playstation being the just some of the clients.
There was often a fun, tongue-in-cheek element to the designs along with a brash, almost satirical, logo-centered commentary on the consumerist nature of popular culture…of which they were a part. But there’s more to the group than that and it seems Anderson will take a sideways look towards the greater whole in this retrospective.

Often copied but never emulated (ironically some designers who copied them would spot a ‘fake’ straight away), this talented group of graphic misfits left a legacy well worth revisiting.

From the press release;
‘The Parfitt Gallery is pleased to present Ian Anderson/The Designers Republic Come Home To Croydon, a 25th anniversary exhibition of The Designers Republic (TDR) by its founder, Ian Anderson. A prominent influence for this exhibition is 28 Zermatt Road, Anderson’s childhood home in Thornton Heath. He said “I think I’m playing more with the notion of belonging and ownership, and voluntary slavery / allegiance to geographical opinion – expressed through the selfish mythologizing of the house that was, by chance, my first home.” After a 25th anniversary exhibition at GGG in Tokyo Ian Anderson is coming home to Croydon. This exhibition is a personal selection of some of the work that has influenced and changed the face of design since The Designers Republic was declared on Bastille Day in 1986, alongside some more surprising, less seen projects.’

Visit the Parfitt Gallery for details.