Retro Corner: Handheld games are back

Nintendo 'Octopus'

Now this is a website that will have a huuuge effect on Fridays at the ‘office’. Retro handheld games are full-on back from the sunny days of the early 80’s when Donkey Kong was only just 2D let alone 3D.

The studio behind the site is Hipopotam, who have only gone and digitized a handful of handy classics by recreating the uber-basic games in Flash, meaning the likes of Tomy’s ‘Caveman’, Nintendo’s ‘Zelda – Water of Life’ and Casio’s ‘Castle Adventure’ have been given an extra life on our grown up PCs. The site navigation can be controlled by the keyboard arrow keys, matching the gameplay once you’ve selected your chosen classic game.

Just don’t let the (end of level) boss catch you.