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Firesnake Studio is an innovative digital design consultancy run by Benjamin Brewis, producing art, design & music to help clients and customers view the world in new and exciting ways.

The studio is based near Oxford UK  but the nature of the work being predominantly digital, clients and customers are global. Recent work includes branding for a bespoke removal company in the US, sleeve art for a top Australian DJ and digital wallpaper for a top boarding school in Ireland.

I started Firesnake at design college in the late 90’s after an inspiring lecture by designer Swifty, as a way to get live briefs to supplement the study. ┬áBeing a DJ at the time helped bring about collaborations with local record labels and night clubs, so I gained a great understanding of building a business and brand whilst also creatively indulging in branding, flyer designs and promotional concepts to help build a unique visual style. Then a stint working with LTJ Bukem’s (drum and bass music pioneer) Good Looking Records label helped forge a strong independent spirit.

The one thing that can’t fail to motivate me day to day is the fact that when you wake up, you have no idea of what you might have produced by the end of the day. Design is an exciting, visceral job; inspiring by producing stand-out designs, rewarding through client and customer satisfaction, even stressful enough to keep you on your toes searching for something innovative. Music also plays it’s part, I have to have a soundtrack to the day…great for inspiration. I truly think creatives are powered by music and coffee.

The Firesnake Studio Store has recently launched as I’ve recently been privileged to exhibit digital fine art pieces on a worldwide tour, so the store is an outlet for this along with t-shirts, prints, ebooks and music downloads. The main site is already a showcase for the best design, illustration, street art, events and products, so keep checking back for the latest news and insights. A lot of designers and studios cocoon themselves away from other’s work in fear of giving an advantage to the competition but I believe in sharing certain knowledge. It shows where I’m coming from, the essence of my thinking and influences.

For clients I provide ideas and designs with the final product of print-ready files. A design agency used to be 99% about fulfilling the creative needs from initial ideas up to a printed finish with the same loyal printers, but with the ‘rise of digital’, clients and customers are more savvy about taking control of each element on their own terms. The customer facing side of the studio provides digital fine-art for private customers, hotels, public organisations and also licensing to galleries. There’s so much scope for this in the future, it’s a very exciting time for the studio.

Benjamin Brewis
Firesnake Studio – Creative Director

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